ETS-Schulte Entsorgungstechnik GmbH


Compressing container

Our compressing containers do not require any foundations
so that they can be set up at any point. A power connection is all that is needed.

The built-in pressing unit eliminates the need for coupling
and decoupling. The automatic system gives early indication that the waste collection service has to be called.

Optional features


  • Lifting and tilting devices
  • Travel and transport facilities
  • Communication and remote-switching circuits
  • Automatic coupling device
  • Paint finish according to specifications

Waste compression and filling stations

Our waste compressors are fully
automatic installations which collect
and condense any type of waste.

The MSV waste sack compression system compresses waste into between 4 and 12 suspended waste bags or into MGB 120/240 waste bins. They can be automatically loaded or via a waste disposal chute.

Stationary presses

Our stationary presses consists of the
compressing section and an attachable container.


These robust installations can be readily adapted to the prevailing local conditions.

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